About us

Welcome to Noon Wears

Welcome to the Clothing Division of NOONWEARS. Over the Years our reputation has been built upon manufacturing only the finest quality Clothing for demanding professionals worldwide.

All of our Products have been purposely designed to be the best in their category. We have utilized the finest and latest Materials in the Manufacturing of our Clothing. In keeping with the Rapid changes of world trend, our Items have been designed with consistent Manufacturing techniques to ensure reliable product. With Our Unique blend of Personal Service and unsurpassed quality we have been entrusted by many as their exclusive designer and suppliers.

With this dedication and expertise NOONWEARS is proud to offer you an extensive and dynamic range of Clothing.

Research & Development Department

By the help of our professional team we had developed a R & D department working continuously and leaving no stone unturned to be in the front line of market leaders. 

Team NOONWEARS is consistently accepting the challenges either on the fields or off the fields. Research is on for innovations like new materials and designs in performance, impermeability and breath ability. The designing department flourish its our own designs with new ideas to fulfill our customer’s need according to the requirements.

Human Resource Department

It is our duty of the HR Department, NOONWEARS, to not only train the labor for like new skills, technology but also update them for their rights and benefits, like old age, retirement benefits and free transportation, food and health.